Defend Justice Thomas and Justice Alito

It’s time for Americans to rally behind Justice Clarence Thomas and Justice Samuel Alito, two stalwart DEFENDERS of the United States Constitution!

In an attempt to influence pending litigation, Democratic lawmakers have privately pressured Chief Justice John Roberts to recuse Justices Thomas and Alito from cases deemed unfavorable by liberal interests, while also demanding that their ability to write majority opinions be stripped from them unless they comply. At the heart of this issue lies a worrisome trend of manipulation by the radical left, attempting to sway the courts through ethically questionable means. While the Democrats seek to undermine the integrity of our nation’s highest legal institution, we must STAND FIRM in defense of Justice Thomas, Justice Alito, and the sanctity of the judiciary.

Take action TODAY to show that you believe in the greatness of America and Justices Thomas & Alito.

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