Tell Congress: Don’t Let Illegal Immigration Destroy America’s Cities

The rampant rise of illegal immigration is destroying American cities. Illegal crossings have gone up over 30% in July alone according to the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol data. With a lack of arrests and nowhere to house them, illegal immigrants are now taking over major cities.

Despite Democrats supporting unauthorized migration, and creating political theater with so-called “sanctuary cities” they are now realizing how harmful it can be to their cities.

Even Mayor Eric Adams of New York City is exhausted from the constant influx as he said illegal immigrants are “destroying New York City” and he does not “see an ending” to the newfound migrant crisis happening.

Other major U.S. cities won’t be far behind in the coming months as surges of migrants will continue to pile in and crime rates will soar more than ever before.

It is long past time to SECURE THE BORDER.

We need to secure the border before allowing the federal government to gain access to their billions of dollars to fund programs that do not promote American values and interests.

Democrats want to keep using taxpayer dollars to bring our cities to ruins – we cannot allow this to happen. Securing the border is essential to protecting our nation’s democracy and health. Keeping American cities safe and secure should be the top priority for Congress.

We are calling on all grassroots patriots to contact your member of Congress and tell them to SECURE OUR BORDER NOW.

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