This November, a momentous election will take place. Depending on the outcome, two different Americas will unfold.

Will we be left with even more spending, larger government, higher inflation, open borders, and ever-increasing deficits?

Patriots, this cannot happen. By working together, we can create a future that realizes the importance of border security, election integrity, national security, a debt-free future, and the sanctity of life.

To ensure a secure election, we need your help. Winning means helping to turn out conservative voters, and to accomplish this, we need YOU.

We’re building a conservative army of poll watchers, poll workers and election judges who are all working together to ensure a SECURE and FAIR election this November.

In order to accomplish this goal, we need thousands of patriots to join in the effort.

Fill out this form to join the army for a secure election and let’s win in 2024!

Will you join the effort to ensure a secure election this November?

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We ask for your cell in order to have a way to get in touch with you in the event that Big Tech censors us, and there is urgent information you need to know.

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